Tuning File Service

Expertly Calibrated Tuning Software

At AG Chiptuning, we can supply tuning files for use with all master tools available on the market today (Alientech, Dimsport, MPPS, Galletto, CMD, MAGPRO etc).

All our tuning files are developed in house by our software engineer using constant development via a state of the art rolling road. We manually edit your file to the highest standard using our combined 15+ years of experience in OEM calibrations.

We can offer:

  • Stage 1 & 2 Performance Tuning for Cars & Vans
  • Economy Maps
  • VMax & Speed Limiter Removal
  • Pop & Bang/Crackle Maps
  • No Lift Shift, Antilag & Launch Control
  • DPF, EGR, Swirl & AdBlue Removal
  • Lambda/O2 Removal
  • Hardcut, Softcut & Popcorn Limiters
  • DSG Tuning

Our files start from £80, for an exact price please contact us here.

All our files are dyno tested and we know what adjustments need to be made to achieve relevant engine power while keeping everything within its safe limits.

With more power we can ensure better fuel economy, smooth engine/torque increase and no turbocharger boost spikes/overshoots. For DPF,EGR, etc. We use Swiftec software to get a 100% working, reliable solution. 


Our Tuning File Process

Upload Stock File


Simply email your Original ECU File to admin@agchiptuning.uk along with the following information:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • ECU Type
  • Tuning Requirements

Our Engineer Calibrates


Our software engineer will modify your file, whilst taking into account any requirements you may have (such as Stage 1/2, DPF/EGR off etc). 

Download Modified File


You will get an email containing the tuned file, & a PayPal payment link along with an invoice for your records.

Files are usually completed and returned within an hour depending on how busy we are.