Our ECU Remapping Services


Performance & ECO Remapping

At AG Chiptuning we're able to offer both all out performance & economy software to suit our customers needs.

We can tune most vehicles via the OBD port thanks to us using the latest, genuine tools from Alientech. For those that can't yet be remapped via the OBD port we also offer bench tuning which involves removing and opening the ECU to allow us to read, modify and then write the map.

Our performance remaps are tailored for the die hard enthusiast who demands the most from his car, power gains are achieved by safely adjusting the parameters of your ECU with one of our custom tuned files, the result is a car that accelerates better, has improved throttle response, more power, more torque and flat spots removed leading to a much more enjoyable drive.

Its not surprising that many customers now choose the economy remap as the preferred choice for their vehicle. With sky high fuel prices an economy remap not only gives you some of the benefits of our performance remap but you can also achieve up to a 15% decrease in your cars fuel consumption. That's a massive saving on running costs and will repay the cost of the remap within a short period of time.

With some vehicles being able to gain over 150BHP & still increase MPG from just a Stage 1 remap you'd be silly not to enquire.

 At AG Chiptuning we use the very latest equipment. Our software is dyno & road developed to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure that fuelling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures (where applicable) are all within tolerance. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

All of or Remaps include two free dealer level diagnostic scans, our diagnostic tools are able to scan all of your cars electrical systems so if there's a fault there we will find it.

We Cover Most Vehicles Makes


These are just some of the many services we offer

EGR, DPF, Swirl, AdBlue & lambda deletes


If your having issues with emission control devices we can help.

Stage 1, 2 & 3 Tuning


We tune both Petrol & Diesel vehicles. From standard cars to cars with hybrid turbos, we can cater for most modifications.

VMax & Speed Limiter Removal


Rev limiter & speed limiter removal is a popular request to extract more power and speed, especially on German vehicles.

Softcut, Hardcut & Popcorn Limiters


We cater for all types of rev-limiters for both diesel & petrol engines.

Pop & Bang / Overrun / Crackle Maps


Have a decat and want some bangs/flames? We can map that in for you & can often even make it switchable via the A/C controls!

Launch Control, No Lift Shift (NLS) & Antilag


Built engine and want some sexy extras? You've come to the right place. We're able to offer Launch control, NLS & Antilag on many ECU types. 

How it works

First we start off with a visual inspection of the vehicle being tuned, its surprising the amount of people that turn up with low oil or bald tyres etc.

Next we run a full system scan with our Dealer level diagnostic tools, this allows us to see any stored fault codes and underlying problems. Its important to note that fault codes do not always trigger warning lights so a proper diagnostic scan is the only way to check.

After the scan we take the car for a drive and datalog the performance of the engine to further make sure than everything is happy and healthy.

After all the checks we connect our high amp battery support unit & begin to read the ECU file from your car.

Once the ECU file is read we carefully calibrate the correct maps using WinOLS or Swiftec to get the optimal performance from your vehicle, more data-logging is done to make sure everything is working well followed by more map tweaks if needed.

All our software is custom coded allowing us to extract the maximum safe performance possible, we never use "off the shelf" maps like too many companies are now offering.


We offer many software extras

This video shows our Overrun software mapped onto this 1.8TSI/TFSI Passat CC. 

This can be added to most petrol ECU's but results from car to car will vary.

Other petrol extras - 

  • Rev Limiter Removal
  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • Launch Control
  • No Lift Shift (NLS)
  • Pop & Bang (Can Be Controlled via A/C Button)
  • Anti-Lag
  • Hardcut Limiters