Pre Booking Customer checks

Pre Remap Checks For our Customers

There's nothing worse than having to turn away a customer due to their car being unsafe, or not in a fit condition to tune. 

We will only start tuning and take your remap money once we are happy with the car, if we are not happy to tune your car then we wont take any risks for the sake of a few £ in our pocket. 

We would rather you use the remap money to fix the car not blow it up!

Here’s a few bits we really recommend checking on your car before you bring it down – just to make sure you don’t end up making a wasted trip, or end up leaving disappointed!


Fill with Quality Fuel


This is one of the most important tuning aspects, fill your petrol vehicle with Shell V-Power, or Tesco Momentum 99. For Diesels the same applies (V-Power), please no supermarket fuel!

If your car arrives on 95 octane fuel, we can add fuel additive to bring the octane rating up but the car won’t make as good a power figure, or run as well as it could. This is also billed out at additional cost.

Check Wheels & Tyres


Both Wheels & Tyres will get hot when road testing. If they’re bald, cracked, perished, flat, or have nails stuck in them we won’t be able to run due to risk of a blowout. 

We take our safety very seriously just like you should!

Check Fluid Levels


Sounds basic right? The number of customers showing up with low engine oil/coolant is very common. 

We don’t stock engine oil or coolant, so you really need to get this at the petrol station when filling up & checking the tyre pressures & fuel, otherwise you’ll have to go out and get some before we can tune the car!

Check for Fault Codes


If your car is broken, tuning it WILL make it worse. You can’t remap a car that’s lost power to try and get it back. If the car shows up on the day, and doesn’t run properly we’ll have to charge for diagnostics.

We offer a free health check on the car prior to tune date, once your booking deposit has been paid just pop in and we’ll get the car code scanned for you.  

Proper Servicing


Good servicing is the key to a healthy engine, especially when your working it harder. 

Prior to tuning please make sure the car has had a proper full service with good quality oil & filters.

 We recommend - 

  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Fresh Air Filter
  • Fresh Fuel Filter
  • Fresh Oil Filter
  • Decent Correct Spec Oil

Check Your Vehicles Legality


Another simple one but its often overlooked. We will need to road test & data log the car before and after tuning. 

Please make sure the vehicle has valid Insurance, MOT & Tax!