DSG Remapping

Turn Your VAG vehicle into the Ultimate Driving Experience

We’re exited to now offer DSG Gearbox Remapping for all VAG DSG automatic transmissions.

Turn your VAG vehicle into the true “Ultimate Driving Experience” with a TCU (Gearbox) & ECU (Engine) tune! We offer package deals on both software's so you can truly get the most out of your car!

All work is completed via the vehicles OBD port while you wait meaning no risk of damaging the ECU & keeping its warranty!

If you’ve had or are looking to have your vehicles engine remapped then this service is a must! It also makes a lovely difference on standard vehicles, enhancing the driving experience even more.

We are able to offer two stages of TCU tunes, these are explained below

Multiple Tuning Options


Choose from three different Gearbox calibrations to truly customise your drive.

Package Deals


Book an Engine remap to compliment your Gearbox tune & save 10%!

DSG Tuning Software Stages

Stage 1

The Stage 1 TCU Software focuses on getting the best from your DSG box, offering the following:

  •  Increased torque limiter
  •  Quicker Shift Speeds
  •  Full Manual Mode

Stage 2

The Stage 2 Software is for customers wanting the best DSG driving experience we can offer, this software is aimed at fast road or track use vehicles.

  •  Increased torque limiter
  • Quicker Shift Speeds
  • Full Manual Mode
  • Clutch Clamping Pressure Increase
  • Launch Control
  • Modified Launch Control RPM
  • Maximum RPM Increase (Engine ECU needs tuning also)

Stage 2 DSG Demo

VW Scirocco R Stage 2 DSG Demo 


We offer the following options for VAG DSG applications

  • Greatly reduced shift-times
  • Increased torque limit
  • True manual mode (No auto-upshift)
  • Increased clutch clamping pressure
  • Modified launch control RPM
  • Modified launch control (Quicker shift into 2nd gear & holding 2nd gear longer)
  • Maximum RPM increase (Needs modifying on engine flash also)